Stage It Show!



I have a Stage It concert on August 10th at 6:30PM. What is a Stage It show you ask!? It's where YOU open up your computer boxes, and look at the screen, and I'll be there playing songs, answering your questions, and maybe doing something crazy... anything goes. It's an opportunity for ya'll to have a "live" experience without putting pants on. You can tip me along the way just like a real show, and there are really neat rewards for the top tippers... like I'll write a song about anything you want me to just for you. Pretty cool, if you ask me. The show is only 30 minutes, and it cost $1 dollar to gain access. All you need is the internet.


STEP ONE: go here and buy a ticket NOW
* buying a ticket in advance gets you access, as well as makes me really happy. It's a dollar folks... just sign on and do it. I'M WORTH IT.


STEP TWO: put "Jesse Stage It Show" in your calendar for August 20th at 6:30PM (with a 15 minute reminder if you're nasty)


STEP THREE: look at step one. Seriously, have you bought a ticket yet? It's v easy.


Love ya'll! See you on the internet.




Secret Stair Sessions

Check out a new live video session I did with the lovley folks at Secret Stair Sesssions, a new series on youtube! I even debut a new song called "Stayed"! 

Tour With The Young Romans

Tour starts in a few weeks with the Young Romans! Grab tickets from the TOUR tab. They are releasing a new EP and we're all headed out to celebrate. 


My Interview with AfterEllen

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If you haven't listened to Andrea Gibson's poetry, you're missing out. CLICK THE /TOUR TAB FOR TICKETS!

Boston & NYC


Room 5 Los Angeles! 1/8


Ho Hotel Show


Tour Finale Show @ Madison Theater in NKY



Magic Nutrition is sponsoring my tour. Learn more about their amazing product here: 

Flat Tire in NYC

Hey gang! While driving through NYC on tour I got a flat tire on the freeway. It was terrifying and took a whole day to get back on track. This brought on some unexpected additional costs. Towing, new tire, etc. Yikes! If you want to help me get back on track, donate a dollar or two! Don't need much! Just a little pick me up would make a world of difference. Thank you guys. Heart you!